Residents right to be concerned

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IN reply to the rather blinkered responses to parking charges as part of the country park is within Fairlight I believe residents have every right to take an interest in what is proposed.

Most of us walk to the country park as it is easily accessible, we do not drive. Local people and visitors regularly use this car park for walking their dogs, bird watching or just taking in the scenery, some on a daily basis.

A great deal of these are retired, unemployed or unable to walk too far and the majority I would say come from Hastings and St Leonards. If they have to pay for parking on a daily basis they will be unable to use this facility.

Our roads are not exactly conducive to walkers and buses are infrequent or do not run on a Sunday or over Bank Holidays.

Fairlight residents have every right to be concerned people would then try to park on roads, narrow and some unmade, as this could impact upon their lives.

I also believe a large majority if not all of the residents within Fairlight use Hastings and St Leonards during the week, often more than once, to do their shopping and in so doing, like me, very often pay to park.

I would also think some residents of Hastings and St Leonards may use the free parking along Bexhill seafront - paid for by Rother residents. To use the ratepayers’ argument is setting one neighbour against another and does not achieve anything.

The parking charges will not only affect Fairlight County Park but the car parks in Barley Lane and North Seat.

What people should be concerned about is a local asset, given to the people, which will be less accessible to a great majority because of the cost.

I would also point out the country park accessed via Fairlight is not so hilly as other parts so makes walking easier for those less able to cope with the more strenuous areas.


Warren Road, Fairlight