Residents owed an apology by county

REGARDING Gillsmans Hill properties, I believe that East Sussex County Council owes residents affected a public apology for the way that it has raped this particular site.

Of course there would have been some works needed to tidy up the site but to go in and just take everything back to the ground level is absolutely unforgiveable.

There are trees and shrubs that could have been saved.

There should have been a dialogue with local residents to indicate what the county council’s intentions were.

Residents had advised of a number of concerns around the misuse of the site in particular anti-social behaviour.

Then, and only then, should some minor works have taken place.

The future of the buildings of course is another matter.

Hopefully they can be restored and brought back to allow for families to use them until the final decision is taken about any one of the sites in question.

The way the county council has gone in and carried out this destruction smacks of the type of scenario we have seen in the past by uncaring developers who brush aside any protocols that are normally reserved for due process.

Sensitive is clearly not a word that the East Sussex County Council seems to understand.



Councillor for

Hollington and

Wishing Tree