Research, please, before arguing

MAY I be granted the courtesy of replying to Richard Heritage’s letter, writing from afar – well Dorking (!), in your December 27 edition?

While Mr Heritage may choose to weave the facts to suit his argument about the Undercliff development and likes to hold me personally responsible for all his planning concerns, perhaps he should have done some research first.

The application dealt with in April 2004 was for a Certificate of Lawfulness and was dealt with by the officers on legal advice, under their delegated powers, and so was not heard at a Planning Committee meeting.

Determination of a Certificate of Lawfulness as the name indicates, is a legal test of whether a development has started so that the planning consent that was granted in February 1966 (I was 15 and living in Swansea at the time!) was still in existence.

Mr Heritage may be interested to know that I was also not the chairman of planning in Hastings in April 2004.

Personally, I really think that Mr Heritage should apply his interest in town planning to Dorking rather than Hastings. Nevertheless, I would wish him and those who hold his views a very Happy New Year.


Chairman of Planning Committee

Hastings Borough Council