Report is unfair on school’s work

WE are writing with reference to the article about Silverdale School (Observer, July 19).

We are disappointed this went to press as I do not agree with the Ofsted report and feel it is an unfair representation of the good work Silverdale is achieving.

Our son has just completed his first year at Silverdale School. Our son is an only child and as parents we were anxious about how the transition of school from nursery would be.

He has progressed beyond our expectations and that is purely down to the teachers, teaching assistants and supporting staff for their energy and positive approach to each individual child.

The article was upsetting as there are more parents like us about to go through the transition of school, and reading such material could only concern them.

We have been delighted with our son’s progress and development in the early years at Silverdale and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their commitment and effort.


Normandy Road