Remember the price that our soldiers paid this November

IF the forecast is right as readers read this letter it may well be raining, the wind will be blowing but there on the street corner will be poppy sellers reminding us all yet again that the defence of our freedoms comes with a heavy price.

It is the time of year when yet again ‘We will remember them’.

In the British Legion we are grateful for all those members and volunteers who stand on those cold street corners with a box of poppies and collecting box and I know that they too think of it as nought compared with the sacrifice of life and limb that our brave men and women of the Armed Forces have committed to our service both in the past and in the current conflicts.

Of course poppies are a symbol of remembrance and perhaps this year it’s worth considering attending the annual Festival of Remembrance at the White Rock on Sunday evening. You would be inspired.

If that is not possible please don’t walk by on the other side, greet your poppy seller this weekend and contribute what you can for every penny will be your personal thank you and contribution to those ex-service personnel and their families who still need our help.

At 11am today we will ‘remember them’ at a short ceremony by the town hall. Please join us.



Royal British Legion

Hasting and St Leonards