Regeneration, yes, but not on this site

IN his letter (Observer, April 20), Mr Veness states that the obvious place for the Jerwood Gallery was the Old Bathing Pool site in West St Leonards.

One of the reasons being was that there was ‘ample parking for coaches and cars’.

I feel I must write on behalf of residents who do not take the same view as he does.

There is not ample room for coaches in the area. The only place is Sea Road and that has only eight spaces with limited waiting times at certain times of the day.

Not to mention the current awkward and dangerous arrangement of coaches having to pull across Bexhill Road, into oncoming traffic, in order to turn into Grosvenor Gardens to get to the spaces.

Also visitors coming by car could very well choose to park in the surrounding residential streets and not in any car park provided.

There are already many roads where residents have trouble finding spaces to park without the great influx Mr Veness wishes upon us.

The other thing to remember is that the Jerwood Gallery specifically wanted this site when it was looking for one in Hastings.

It was offered the Old Bathing Pool site but turned it down in favour of the one in the Old Town.

I am all for regenerating West St Leonards but not to the detriment of residents who wish to be able to park outside their own homes.


West St Leonards ward councillor