Reduce problems by restricting sales of alcohol

I WATCHED your news item on the amount of alcohol problems in Hastings and your interview with Councillor Jeremy Birch.

Your reporter failed to answer a very important question. May I suggest that this is the biggest source of obtaining drink in Hastings and could be resolved very easily.

Every supermarket in the town sells alcohol. In the Silverhill area alone we have Asda, the Co-op, Lidl, Tesco, and three Costcutters, who gave permission for them to sell the stuff guess who, the councillors voted in by the electorate.

To protect us from these drunks who lay around our parks and beach they could have turned down the applications as they come before them. Birch and co are as guilty as those who drink the stuff.

What people do not realise is that if drink is sold through a limited number of outlets the price could be held at a much higher level. This in turn would reduce the number of people who can afford to buy it.

There are hundreds of signs around the town saying this is a No Drinking Area but again the council does not enforce these signs. What a way to waste public money.

We have the same problems with dog’s mess, signs are erected, very little is done.

Yes, some people have been prosecuted, but in certain areas fouling is a daily occurrence. Impose the large fines but also name and shame all those caught on the front page of the local rag. Better still large posters with culprits’ faces be placed in prominent places in the town.

It won’t be long before this animal mess will be called creative and feature in a display in the new Jerwood.

We are all fed up with the way this town is constantly in the press for all the wrong things.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards