Red tape rules, not OK as we slide on the ice

LAST Tuesday morning (February 7) a thin layer of ice had covered Lower Park Road.

A Citroën driver lost control and ploughed into my stationary Nissan before colliding with another car carrying two children under five.

The police duly arrived to assess the damage and clear the road.

Only a matter of minutes later a small, yellow, dumper-like vehicle came into sight – a gritter, no less, an extraordinarily rare sight for Lower Park Road. A species not seen in this so-named side road in living memory.

The police had ordered the gritter post-accident. The stable door was open and the horse had proverbially hoofed it.

For the past two winters, I have been strongly urging Councillor Godfrey Daniel to intervene in such hazardous conditions and grit both Upper and Lower Park Road.

This is not to accuse Cllr Daniel of complacency, although Lower Park Road has been left untreated for very many years, perhaps going back to the horse and cart days.

Lame excuses are rolled out for this inaction. Hands are tied by red tape, Lower Park Road is arguably not a side-road but it is definitely not a bus route, and should he suggest gritting then he’s demonstrating a prejudicial interest because he lives in the same road. Meanwhile this road and its long-suffering residents continue to experience iced-up road and frozen pavements.


Lower Park Road