Recycling bins a dangerous eyesore

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I AM appalled that Hastings Borough Council (HBC) has placed the glass recycling bins in a residential area, a prime seafront position next to the cycle path in West St Leonards, without consulting any of the residents or applying for planning permission.

This is a noisy eyesore for an area, which is popular with tourists, walkers, cyclists, families with young children, photographers (The sunset) beach hut owners, dog walkers and wind surfers.

It has quickly become a fly-tipping area, broken glass lies shattered on the ground, festering bags of rubbish are attacked by seagulls and dispersed throughout.

The bins are situated on a dangerous corner where the coaches and large lorries have difficulty in turning.

People are forced to park on double yellow lines to unload their bottles at any time of the day and night.

Of course I realise the benefits of recycling and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites. I am an avid recycler and composter.

It has recently come to my attention that the British Standard 4142 is applicable in relation to the introduction of industrial type noise sources in residential areas.

Was best practice followed by HBC and was any survey of the projected levels from the recycling area in accordance with best practice? If not, why not?

Recycling bins should be sited in a non-residential area, a car park, or a supermarket where noise is not an issue.

West St Leonards has become a dumping ground for the convenience of the council.

We now have a coach park, (which we never wanted and the Old Town was desperate to keep), next to the elegant bowling green on the seafront, taking up valuable parking lots for the tourists.

We do not financially benefit from the coaches. Apart from the foreign students, the visitors are dropped in Hastings and the coaches are just parked here.

Many coaches no longer include Hastings in their itinerary because they do not like the inconvenience. The numbers are in decline.

Ever since the magnificent bathing pool and the beach chalets designed by Sidney Little were destroyed in the council’s madness, West St Leonards has suffered, a forgotten town, a dumping ground.

However there is a light in this dark tunnel, we have the Blue Flag, safe swimming, and the tourists are beginning to filter through.

So come on councillors, remove those unsightly bins, make the beaches attractive and welcoming, and show some respect for the residents of St Leonards.


Grosvenor Gardens

St Leonards