Reconnecting with the earth

I RECENTLY attended a packed house at the Electric Palace cinema, Old Town, to watch The Economics of Happiness.

The film illustrates our fascination with commercial, big business in a global world and yet, encourages us to feel positive about embracing local business and regional cultures or traditions.

In Hastings, there is already much to enjoy through events like the recent Jack-in-the-Green, however, there are also real opportunities ahead to support our local fisherman or good initiatives that take place in our local schools and colleges.

As a chef, I have always believed that this celebration of the local can begin at the table. Each of us can make choices as consumers about where we shop for food, what we purchase and how we cook or eat.

Every one of these decisions can have a positive impact not only on our local economy, but also on our own physical health and emotional happiness.

Slow Food Hastings is a group locally that has been trying to promote this agenda.

By re-connecting with the earth and those around us, through growing food in the smallest spaces or spending time with the elderly talking about forgotten recipes and food- we can promote this reality of building a better world.


Pelham Crescent