Recollection of bridge explosive

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MY memory of the Harrow Lane bridge regarding explosives, was that at some time during the war there appeared on the southern approaches to the bridge something buried in the bank with a pipe sticking out of the ground, probably four or five on each side.

We gather that they contained oil which would flood the road and be set on fire in the event of an invasion. I think this was what your writer had in mind. They were removed at some stage after the war and my father obtained one of these barrels of oil, which I presume he used as fuel for an old tractor that appeared to run on any fuel that was put in it.

Harrow Lane has always been the name that it is today, Red Lane ran from Sedlescombe Road North to Hillside Road, it came out where Little Ridge Avenue joins Hillside Road now, today the bottom end is Silverhill Avenue.


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