Rare treasure a great opportunity

WITH the failure of the bid to turn St-Mary-in-the-Castle into a youth centre we have once again the opportunity to rethink the future of this historic building, once described by a world famous architect as ‘One of Hastings’s most architectural gems’ and by an national music critic as ‘That wonderful concert space in a beautiful restored church’.

This building is a rare treasure, and if Hastings were in France, where culture is more highly valued than here, it would be the logo for the town and known worldwide.

So can we rejoice in the good fortune that St-Mary-in-the-Castle can bring to us and our visitors, and work on its future collectively?

For it belongs to us all.

And in these days of the Big Society where we all need each other to survive, and already there are voluntary organisations ready to work with the council, we can use this opportunity to find a way through, based on mutual enthusiasm, respect and support.


Winchelsea Lane