Rant at civil service misses the point

IAIN Wilson’s tirade against teachers, nurses, and civil servants (on last week’s letters page) should not go unanswered.

Speaking as someone who has worked in the latter two roles, I think Mr Wilson misses the point. Civil servants provide many essential services across all areas of national activity which benefit all our citizens irrespective of who they work for.

Without teachers our children don’t get an education and would not therefore be available to the ‘regular respected companies’ Mr Wilson refers to, and perhaps he may understand the need for trained nurses if he should ever be unfortunate to find himself admitted to hospital.

This has everything to do with politics. The complaint about poor private sector pensions in particular is a canard promulgated by the millionaire public school boys who now find themselves in power and their fellow travellers, and says more about the intellectual bankruptcy of a capitalist system which has lost its way, than it does about a public pension scheme that seeks to provide dignity in retirement.

Mr Osborne is fleecing those who can least afford it on the cynical calculation that they are never going to vote for his party anyway.

If those working for non public enterprises are worried about their pensions, they should increase their productivity to the level of their public counterparts and buy shares rather than bleat about public sector workers who provide the essential services on which we all depend.

I agree with Mr Wilson that we should indeed ‘have a fundamental re-think about our values and what really matters in our society’ but I don’t think that’s a ‘discussion for another time’ – how about now - and let’s start with a discussion about the twisted logic of taxing those who can least afford it and precisely how a mindless doctrinaire political assault on the public service infrastructure of our society is going to serve the interests of the country as a whole.


Charles Road

St Leonards