Rail service on the fast track to a farce

I AGREE with Simon Stoddart’s comments (Observer, August 26) regarding the train service between London and Hastings.

I was returning by train from London recently and a fellow passenger remarked that Hastings was a lovely little town but was ‘out on a limb on a sort of wasteland’ because of the rotten train service between Hastings and London.

Consulting the Hastings/Charing Cross timetable, I see that even the so-called fast trains stop at 12 stations before arriving at Charing Cross, the others stop at 18!

The journey on a fast train to Charing Cross takes more than one-and-a-half hours

And it’s even slower if one travels to London, Victoria, from Hastings, as the train heads to Eastbourne first.

This is a farcical situation. We used to live in Northampton which is 65 miles from London and although Hastings is nearer 60 miles - their faster trains could get you to London Euston in 50 minutes. And both from Brighton and Folkestone the train journey takes only an hour.

If ever we could get a fast train service between Hastings and London, this town would prosper - because presumably, as is the case with Northampton, Brighton and Folkestone - people would move here for the lower property prices, knowing they would only have an hour journey to work in the capital.


West Hill Road,

St Leonards