Questions need answering now

I HAVE emailed council leader Jeremy Birch at least three times asking for information on Jerwood. No response from him, but others have managed to obtain the answers to my questions:

What was the footfall in Jerwood’s first year? Answer: 65,000 compared to Jerwood’s figure to Hastings Borough Council (HBC) of 150,000.

Loss of income from closing The Stade car park: A figure of £75,000 has been mooted. Extra income from expanded Rock-a-Nore car park. Unanswered.

Loss of income from giving Jerwood supposedly free rates: Mooted: £75,000. Promised: free entry to Jerwood; which now proposes to increase charges.

Promised: 77 jobs? Unknown how many paying jobs have been created – no zero hours contracts please.

Height of stupidity. HBC gives the land to Jerwood, though that sounds too silly for words. Confirmation or denial of this would be appreciated.

Mr Castro’s letter of September 27 about the council’s Covenant, tying up HBC to the Stade Open Space, free land, no rates.

How inept can a council get to fall for the ‘Blarney’ Jerwood gave them?

I am told the actual building is impressive but stuck between the fishermen’s nets and the ‘holidaymakers’ end.

The point of this letter is to ask our council leader to answer his emails, even the ones he does not wish to answer.



St Leonards