Pupils are prime litter suspects

LAST Saturday we took a walk sown through Coronation Wood returning up what we call Dingly Dell on through the path leading up to the Old Roar Ghyll.

Can you imagine our disgust at the litter that has been deposited in what is recognised as an Area of Natural Beauty, with some very rare fauna found there.

As you went under the bridge which spans St Helens Road apart from the graffiti there were hundreds of spent drink cans, crisp packets, dumped traffic cones, as well as a vast quantity of dog poo bags.

Progressing further up the path towards the area near the waterfall, again the same sort of debris was apparent.

I hate to apportion blame but much of the rubbish is the sort dumped by youngsters on their way to and from school, which can only mean that the bulk of this has been dumped by students from William Parker, being a route used by their pupils.

I think that local councillors should visit the school and address the pupils at their assemblies on the punishments for litter dumping.

As for the other forms of debris perhaps the relevant park wardens could make a concerted effort to spend time tackling the problem and perhaps bringing people to court.


Old Roar Road

St Leonards