Pull the other one!

IT was with some amusement I watched the BBC local news late the other Sunday evening.

One story concerned local historian Nick Austin who has discovered a document purporting to claim that many years ago a workman digging in Combe Haven discovered the remains of a Norman ship together with its figurehead.

We are then asked to believe having recognised the significance and value of this artefact, and for reasons not entirely clear, the workman then reburies it where it remains to this day.

No doubt we can soon expect to see scores of green wellied amateur archaeologists traipsing across the landscape armed with an assortment of digging implements hell bent on uncovering said treasure.

The camera then moves on to a fellow anti-Link Road campaigner who made the laughable suggestion that if found the area could become some sort of green heritage site with hundreds of people visiting.

Just what planet are these people on? Should this ‘Mary Rose of Combe Haven’, if it exists, ever be rediscovered, dug up and put on display for the public just how are you going to get these ‘hundreds of people’ over a rather soggy and sometimes flooded meadow to the display? Answer, by building a road from the Queensway of course together with attendant car park to cater for all the visitors. More concrete would then be needed for the inevitable visitor centre. Very green indeed.

Nick Austin is highly respected and through his research has amassed vast knowledge of all matters 1066 including I understand the probable real site of the battle. However to use this knowledge to lure the gullible into believing rather incredulous stories does him no credit, so come on Mr Austin, pull the other one.


Denehurst Gardens