Publish applications more prominently

Recently Hastings Borough Council planning committee members were lambasted for allowing planning permission for a hideous bunker building in our country park.

Most of the protestors who walk past the site of this building knew nothing about the development until the building was put up and people discovered that it was not even according to plan.

This event was not good PR for the council even though the Planning Committee has since served notice on the developers.

A planning application for a housing development of the site opposite the Lady’s Parlour and on the international tourist’s route to the castle and to the West Hill green slopes was recently made. 101 Castle Hill Road is to have a terrace of five eco homes – low or nil cost bills - good for the inhabitants but unfortunately designed in such a way to be likely to create an eyesore in this key spot.

I learned about it after the deadline had closed but sent in my comments anyhow. I understand that my comments will be considered.

In both instances the council advertised the planning applications to people living in the immediate vicinity and on lampposts and in minute print at the back of our local newspaper. Anyone that has a life to lead does not scour planning applications on a weekly basis.

These and other significant and hideous developments in key parts of Hastings affect many more than residents living in the immediate locality. When other residents only learn about the plans after the event we feel outraged. But the council has followed the law to the letter.

I am suggesting that the council should consider publicising planning applications for development in key positions of Hastings and St Leonards to all of us residents. There are so many easy ways to do this though IT technology.

Judy Scott

Vicarage Road