Promenade chaos beggared belief

I DO not doubt the good intentions behind the five-mile race on Sunday (May 12) but the organization and management of this event was both stupid and dangerous.

People using the promenade, who have a perfect right to be there, suddenly found themselves charged down by hundreds of runners in both directions. Parents with small children, the elderly, cyclists, were literally forced from the promenade. I saw people having to jump off the path or flatten themselves against walls for their own safety.

I heard some runners shouting abuse and even threats at pedestrians and cyclists who were in their path. Now many of us who use the roads and pavements are familiar with the arrogance and stupidity of many runners who believe they have absolute right of way wherever they choose to run but the chaos on the promenade last Sunday simply beggars belief.

Organisation of the event was nonexistent and the stewarding was totally ineffective. I always believed that these events on public roads and paths needed proper permissions, public liability insurance and evidence of competent organisation.


Quarry Hill

St Leonards