Projects are a waste of money

May I through the pages of your fine publication express my utter horror at the schemes that Amber Rudd our MP and Jeremy Birch, representatives and leaders of the Conservative and Labour parties, are backing.

Not only do they want a link road to enable traffic to virtually miss the town altogether, now they have backed building a further road, virtually cutting straight through the middle of St Leonards which will be like the song ‘I’m on the Road to Nowhere’.

Both projects are a waste of money, time and disastarous to the greenery and wildlife in and around our towns. People in the future will ask why these two projects were given the go-ahead in the first place. In short they are just an excuse for more factories and homes to be built and neither of the above named give a hoot as long as their respective parties are seen to be helping so called infrastructure of the towns.

So why isn’t more being done with existing land and empty buildings? Simple. It doesn’t have the same impact and self promotion as whole new schemes, which can no doubt give a bit of publicity on TV, radio and in the local paper and make the self-publicists a little more prominent with elections coming up.

Shame on these two. I once supported Amber Rudd but I am afraid I can’t support her any longer and the same of Jeremy Birch.

More important to our town and the young residents of the future will be somewhere nice to enjoy greenery, picnics, open space and delightful views, not an urban sprawl where the only chance of seeing something green will be in a window box.

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards