Professional care deserves thanks

I WAS an inpatient at Robert Tressell Ward at the Conquest Hospital from Monday, June 3, until Friday, June 14.

I would publicly like to thank the doctors for their professionalism in their treatment of me during my stay. They did their utmost to help me and I cannot find fault in their practice. They were courteous and patient to me at all times. No one could ask for more.

I would also publicly like to thank the nurses for administering my medication and the supporting staff for making my stay a pleasant one.

Also, let those who critcise the National Health Service come into places like this and see for themselves how hard the medical profession strives to maintain a healthy workforce so that they can enhance the economy.

A sick nation results in a sick economy which in time will result in a country going down the road of disaster. This can even affect the critics of the National Health Service, especially those in charge of companies which manufacture products, because they will not have a healthy workforce to maintain a high quality standard of production.

We certainly don’t want that.

Keep the National Health Service going for the good of everyone.


Bohemia Road