Problem of status dogs is widespread

STATUS dogs are a national problem, not just a local one. The Blue Cross offers workshops to raise awareness for young adults. All dog

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owners have to be responsible for their own dog’s behaviour and the size of the dog is irrelevant, they all have 42 teeth and are capable of using them if motivated to do so.

Some breeds are genetically pre-disposed to being more reactive than others but if raised using positive training techniques and appropriately cared for in its environment any potential problems are minimised.

Deed not breed, the owner must be held accountable for catering for the needs of their dog.

Abusive behaviour to a dog is not acceptable and intimidation produces an untrustworthy dog because he/she is living in fear and may bite when feeling under threat.

Dogs are very social animals and need educating in a rewarding way to get along well in their families and in the community.

Many dog attacks in the home have occurred when the main carer is not present, if the main handler is harsh on the dog, the other members of the family may not be able to control him/her.

Dogs need to be included as part of the team and trained with a thoughtful approach to all of their requirements.


FdSc animal behaviour and welfare

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