Problem has just accelerated

I WOULD like to comment on your article in the Observer about plans to clamp down on street drinking.

As a local person who has lived here for more than 35 years, I have seen the incidents of street drinking increase vastly in that time. When it was decided to ban street drinking, it did not stop. The drinkers use pop bottles to decanter their alcohol into and walk blatantly around, assuming the walk, with it held proudly in front of them.

Others always keep it in their inside coat pockets and watch for street wardens or police, then have a swift drink. Anyone can see it happening in St Leonards or Hastings town centres. How do the authorities hope to stop this behaviour, how can this be policed?

It can’t and it will never stop. The cutbacks on traffic wardens has resulted in parking by the cinema/turret, to the extent that loading cannot be done most of the time, just another example of the cost of cutbacks, so how can the street drinking be dealt with when the police, street wardens, etc are being reduced?

Maybe the council has a cunning plan!! (and like Baldrick’s, whatever it is, it will not work).


Eversley Crescent

St Leonards