Problem has been looming for years

ON the matter of poor sea water quality ‘We need to talk Hastings up‘, Cllr Peter Chowney writes to the Observer ‘it is something we’ll be making sure Southern Water tackles vigorously’.

This is unconvincing, the problem has been looming for years and should be addressed properly. Frankly, I don’t care if improving sea water quality ‘could be unpopular’ with householders whose ‘new toilets have been fitted in houses and plumbed into surface water drains rather than sewers’. To learn that some ‘may not even know that their toilet is plumbed ‘illegally’ demonstrates grotesque failure.

Saying: ‘Whatever happens, I’m optimistic that tourism in Hastings will remain an important part of the local economy’ Cllr Chowney gives me no comfort at all. ‘Whatever happens’ means what? Sea water quality may improve, or it may not.

The part of the letter I think is completely absurd is when he says people should ‘not write off the entire tourism sector without any justification’.

If letters to the Observer are anything to go by people are wishing to protect Hastings for holiday visitors. Those that come close to writing off tourism in Hastings are the Marine Conservation Society which says: ‘We have got to get to grips with this problem, if we don’t it could be the death knell for some resorts’ and the inaction of Hastings Borough Council.


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