Private sector already had cuts

WAS the Observer taken over by a bunch of raving union militants on November 25?

It certainly seemed that way judging by your front page and your editorial on the public servants’ strike.

Both were so biased as to make it quite unbelievable that either could have been produced by fair-minded journalists.

No mention at all was made of the case for bringing public sector pensions more in line with what the rest of the ordinary working population of this country get or will receive at the end of their working lives. The strikers seem to think that they are the only ones to be told by their employers that their eventual retirement pensions will not reach their expectations without greater contributions of money or length of service on their part.

Are they not aware of all the occupational pension schemes in the private sector that have been changed from the generous final-salary ones that they are striking to keep? Or that almost every other employee in the private sector has also got to work more years until they can get their pension?

This strike is not against ‘greedy governments’ as you misguidedly state, but is against the people who the strikers are supposed to be working for. It is the public they are inconveniencing, not the Government.

Those public sector workers who resist the pressures from their colleagues or unions and stay at their jobs because they do not think that taking action against innocent members of the public is the way to resolve differences with their employers are the ones you should have been encouraging.


Gensing Road

St Leonards