Priory Meadow events don’t get recognition

I FEEL compelled to write in support of Priory Meadow following the letter last week from Sylvia Verlander

If, in her view, the event did not match up to the high standards of previous years then it would have been more appropriate to say so than to resort to unnecessary and unjustifiable insults.

The people she described as “pea-brains” run a successful, multi-million pound retail centre that attracts millions of people each year. In the past Priory Meadow has funded events that have brought Hastings massive media coverage and given lots of pleasure to lots of locals – and sometimes without the recognition it deserves. Very few know it was actually these “pea-brains” that funded the £3000 fee for the Guinness Pirate Day world record in 2009.

Ever since I have been town centre manager, Priory Meadow has generously funded two, major, free Christmas events each year for local people. The first culminates in a fireworks display that is the best of its type I have ever seen and the second, the Arrival of Santa, one of the most innovative I have ever witnessed.

These are the same “pea-brains” that financially support scores of local community projects each year and despite hard economic times, invest heavily in a Christmas ice rink which runs at a huge loss to give Hastings the same profile as the likes of Tunbridge Wells and Brighton.

If there is a lesson to be learned it is to keep things simple. The Ice Factor-X Factor link simply may not have been fully appreciated. After organising two more great events for the people of Hastings this year I’m sure Priory Meadow’s management deserve thanks rather than criticism. I’m equally sure the vast majority of Hastings people will join me in applauding them for what they do for this town.


Town centre manager