Pram race is a real boost for town

WHAT a pleasure it was to see such a great turn out for a Hastings event when the Old Town staged the Pram Race.

As an entrant of the event the friendliness and enjoyment shown by fellow participants and crowd alike help enhance a certain sense of satisfaction with our town (which can often receive some unpleasant press).

As a previous partaker in the annual half marathon, these events are really well supported by crowd members cheering on competitors, both ones they know and ones they don’t, which help to make the occasion a success and contribute to repeat participation on the part of the competitors.

Fantastic imagination was shown by the towns-people in creating far-fetched ideas for their prams (we were behind a group of bananas for most of the journey!). And the pubs in general played their part in creating some added frivolity with some entertaining challenges and forfeits for the competitors, whilst coping well with the added demand from punters.


Warren Road,