Praise for the White Rock staff

THE White Rock Theatre staff are fantastic. I tried to book tickets for Rapunzel online, but my internet was messing about big time.

I’d fill out all my details and then it would crash. So I rang them and booked over the phone.

I then noticed that all my money from my bank account had disappeared, yes, you’ve guessed it, the online booking had gone through and I found I had booked my tickets twice.

I rang the box office this morning and without any fuss and without being judgemental and making me feel like an idiot, they just calmly refunded my online payment.

That is how to deal with customers if you want them to come back. A lot of companies could take a leaf out of their books. The White Rock Theatre and Shoezone in Priory Meadow deserve recognition and our loyalty for the way it treats its customers.


Austen Way