Pothole problem

I AGREE with Mr Cassidy who wrote in last week’s Observer about the dreadful state of the road outside Hastings Academy on Rye Road.

These ongoing road surface problems began when construction work started and the road has taken a beating.

However, he is wrong to suggest that the problem has had little local attention. There have been dozens of reports made by residents and councillors throughout the period, and, to be fair, ESCC Highways has been to inspect and patch the road numerous times. Now construction work is over, the county council plans to resurface that section during the Easter holidays.

In the meantime, our local highways steward is regularly inspecting this stretch and will ensure potholes are filled.

I wish resurfacing had been done sooner, but it does makes sense to do it after construction work is complete and to use the holiday period when there is less traffic around the school.

On the wider point, I have to say that I cannot remember seeing our roads across the town as bad as this. I know the weather has been dreadful, but it seems that the county is struggling to fill potholes in a timely manner. I urge all residents to demand more and keep reporting potholes like I do.

You can do this by calling 0345 60 80 193 (option 1) or reporting them via the county council website or at fixmystreet.com.


County Councillor (Baird and Ore)

East Sussex County Council