Post office move is ‘absolute disgrace’

I REALLY cannot believe that Post Office Ltd has decided to close the main branch in Hastings. It’s an absolute disgrace. The post office is always busy so what possible reason can it give?

As to relocating to WH Smith in Priory Meadow, have they not sent their people over there on a regular week day (let alone a weekend?).

The queues are often long and slow and, of course they also have a DHL Servicepoint in store as well to add to the chaos.

Older people especially will be forced to wait much longer than usual in what is already a cramped shop. And I fail to see how they will be able to deal with disabled customers in wheelchairs in those cramped aisles.

And what if WH Smith, like so many other big name businesses recently, goes bankrupt? Where will our post office services be then? Does Post Office Ltd have a contingency plan?

This stinks of money over customers and the Government should be ashamed.


The Bourne