Possible link road outcomes aren’t good

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IT IS encouraging to see so many letters opposing the waste and damage of the Link Road. I wonder, however, why the picture you used under Derrick Coffee’s excellent summary of the past (wasted) decade was the repeated one of a traffic jam.

Is this intended to remind readers subtly of the congestion on the A259 which the Link Road is supposed to be going to solve?

The traffic on Bexhill Road is certainly unacceptable for residents but is in reality no worse than many thousands of miles of roads nationally.

This fact is backed up by research carried out by Rod Eddington, who was the CEO of British Airways, not an environmentalist.

Additionally, almost all of the traffic on the A259 is local - about 97 per cent - and will either continue to use the Bexhill Road, even if the Link Road is built, or will go several miles out of its way to use the Link Road. Either way this is not a good outcome for such a huge sum of money.

The traffic on the A259 could have been lessened years ago if Rother District Council had not allowed Ravenside Retail Park to keep expanding and if all the local councils had concentrated on asking for investment in public transport rather than the road.

Maybe next time you have a letter about the Link Road you could feature a picture of congestion on The Ridge, which is already full to capacity and will be much worse if the Link Road proceeds, with a third more traffic coming its way.

Or perhaps a picture of the valley which will be spoilt for ever by the road, for no long-term benefit.


Marina, St Leonards