Positive Observer

I MUCH appreciated J Webb’s critical appreciation for my ‘great mental dexterity’ well-articulated in the letters page (January 14).

I did have mild reservations about his remarks likening me to a prejudiced, gullible parrot perched on another planet. But I’ll get over it.

Sadly, Mr Webb, coming down to earth, I’ve been stuck in planet Lower Park Road for much of the past two winters sometimes sidestepping cars out of control and watching the elderly struggle to keep their feet whenever it snowed or iced up.

I did have a parrot once, and although it didn’t have a degree in economics, it was intelligent enough to squawk when it heard the words ‘fiscal deficit’.

Simply put for any birdbrain, cuts are a response to indebtedness and impact on local services.

And cuts mean less grit and no grit for side roads, oops, sorry, bus routes.

According to councillor Godfrey Daniel the town hall has its hands tied in this regard and county hall red tape precludes any future change - result Lower Park Road, alongside many other roads in Hastings, will remain ungritted; zilch however sub-zero the temperature, Mr Webb.


Lower Park Road