Portfolio holder does not need highways title

I READ with interest the letter from Cllr Phil Scott who holds the snappy title of portfolio holder for environment and highways at Hastings Borough Council.

In his letter (Observer, July 6), Cllr Scott admonishes your correspondent Len Wright for allegedly not realising that highway maintenance and resurfacing was now the responsibility of East Sussex County Council and nothing to do with the responsibilities of Hastings Borough Council.

This of course is absolutely correct unfortunately but must beg the question as to why then Hastings Borough Council finds the need for a highways portfolio holder at all? Surely some mistake here?

Finally I think Cllr Scott should have mentioned that he is also an elected member of East Sussex County Council and in that capacity can surely represent Mr Wright’s genuine concerns about the havoc being caused by the scheduling of road repairs in key locations at the height of the tourist season?


Former councillor for Old Hastings ward