Poorest facing a desperate future

LAST week saw the introduction of many of the Government’s reforms to the welfare system, which I fear will make the lives of so many people in Hastings, darker, unstable and more desperate than some of us can imagine.

I am very uncomfortable as a working man having to watch the poorest people in our town take hit after financial hit for the hideous and greedy mistakes of bankers and their political supporters.

Where is the justice? Where is the fairness and where is the financial sense in constantly scraping away pennies and pounds from the ill, the disabled or the poorly paid mother, when the richest people in this country grow richer are taxed less?

The bedroom tax introduced on April 1 is the sickest joke of all and shows clearly what all these reforms really are, an attack on the vulnerable, the poor and the weak.

Social housing was designed to provide a stable home for families, a place to nurture children and to offer sanctuary for those less fortunate. It is not some thing to be threatened or milked like a cash cow when times are hard, it should be ring-fenced, protected and provide those very people shelter when political and financial ill winds blow.

I have written to all the chief executives of the housing associations which serve Hastings asking them to reclassify their properties as other housing trusts around the country have done to protect those tenants affected by this unfair tax and to deal with this brutal unsettling assault on our Hastings family homes.


Hastings Borough Council