Pool campaign goes to next level

SANDOWN Primary School has been campaigning for many years to save its swimming pool from closure.

The building that surrounds the pool has been is in a dire state repair and we were advised that the present building had approximately 18 months left before it may have to be declared unsafe for the children and many other groups in the community to use.

The estimated cost of a new building was £200,000.

Over the year Sandown School PTA has organised many fundraising events such as discos, fayres, firework displays and so on and been marvellously supported by the Ore community.

Despite not being an affluent area and with a high level of unemployment, the parents/carers of children at Sandown School, local businesses and the Ore community in general, have helped to raised nearly £30,000. We have also received donations from generous people.

The Observer has also been very supportive to our campaign over the years.

Now we are taking our Save Sandown Swimming Pool campaign to the next level. We have stopped fundraising for the swimming pool at the moment because Sandown School community governor, Ian Ross, is talking to various organisations and charities on the school’s behalf, to try and secure the money we need to save the pool from closure.

This was something that we, on the Sandown School PTA, had no idea how to do and we were immensely grateful to Ian when he offered to help us. Ian believes that the amount of money we have raised is enough to show potential investors that we, as a school and community, are very serious about keeping the pool open and continuing to teach children and adults to swim, potentially saving lives.

Ian tells us that the meetings he has had so far have been very positive, so fingers crossed, we may well save Sandown pool from closure, which would be a wonderful news for the community.

The school’s headteacher, Charlie Lindsay, the PTA and everybody connected with the campaign to save the swimming pool would like to thank all the people who have donated money, raffle prizes, resources, time, ideas and effort over the years.

The local businesses in Ore have been wonderfully supportive to us over the years and we certainly wouldn’t have got to this point without them.

Lastly a big thank you to the Observer and all its readers for your support, donations and best wishes. Hopefully I will be able to bring you some good news in the New Year.


PTA member

Sandown Primary School