Polluters should pay rather than taxpayers

IT was with interest that I read Peter Jones’ comments in the Observer last week regarding the link road, and wonder whether being leader of a council dominated by one political party can ever result in ‘thorough democratic processes’.

Until he can give a coherent answer to the following questions, we can’t take him seriously as someone who follows evidence-based policy making: Can he name an example of a similar road being built elsewhere in the country where it has reduced congestion?

Is it efficient use of money to build further expensive industrial estates, when the current ones are not full?

If there is such a high demand for industrial land, why have superstores allowed to be built on it?

Is he aware that the development north of Bexhill does not require the link road?

Does he know that building the road will not reduce traffic congestion in the area?

Does he think that it’s right that the tax-payer pays for the roads rather than the people causing the pollution?

I would recommend that anyone who supports this road in the belief that it will reduce congestion should read Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt, and read of the experiences of traffic controllers from around the world.


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