Political point scoring

All very well G Morris in last week’s Observer ticking Sarah Owen off for political point scoring - only to promptly do the same himself a few lines further into his letter.

On the piers issue - yes, Hastings Pier was derelict at the time of the 2010 fire which I had always thought a huge shame because it had been nicely renovated a few years earlier and some decent shops had opened on it. It’s subsequent closure put an end to any chance of competing with Eastbourne Pier. What I found distasteful about the £2 million hand out to Eastbourne was the indecent haste with which Cameron and Osborne made their way to Sussex. Cynics amongst us have connected that with next year’s election.

As for all that redundant land in West St Leonards - yes I know, there are all kinds of associated issues - but something “different” could maybe see the wreck of the Amsterdam lifted from Bulverhythe and put on display like the Mary Rose in Portsmouth.

Anyway, huge credit to all concerned for getting the money to repair our pier with the icing on the cake being the share issue which, along with many others, I was happy to invest in. Somewhat ironically, the Eastbourne handout would get close to paying for the landing stage at the end of our pier to be repaired. But never mind - Hastings Pier is truly ours!

Simon Stoddart

Wellis Gardens

St Leonards