Police must take action on pets

AFTER experiencing a ferocious unprovoked attack on the small dog I was walking the other night by a pit bull type dog, and shocked by the viciousness of the unprovoked attack, fearing for our safety I called the police.

After taking my details and accessing my predicament I was told that they do not come out for dog on dog fights, I had to become almost insistent for them to send an officer to come to the scene.

Once a policeman arrived, I explained what had happened, and all he could say was they don’t come out when it is a dog on dog fight. He handed me a card with a police incident number on it, and said I could go, while he went over to the owner of this dangerous dog, and presumably said not a thing.

This dog should never be allowed in a public place without a muzzle on. What if it had been a situation where it was a child or an old person walking their dog?

I’m in my 40s, I have lived in the area all of my adult life, and I have never seen or been involved in a situation like this before, it was shocking.

This is what happened. It was around 8pm; I had just taken my dog for a walk along the seafront and was making my way home, and taking the route along the lower end of Norman Road that meets with London Road.

I walked past a shop doorway, standing inside the shop in the doorway was this dog, being held on a lead by its owner, as soon as this dog saw mine, it went in to attack mode, grabbed him by the throat shaking him, he then dragged him while still attacking, to the middle of the road. The owner pulled his animal off. Luckily my dog survived this attack.

While I was waiting for the police, this dog saw another dog across the road, it almost pulled its owner off his feet, snarling, pulling and trying to get to this dog as well.

In my opinion, this dog will attack again; I just hope that it is not a small child walking past next time. Will the police do something when a child gets attacked, when it is too late? This dog should be muzzled when in a public place as it is dangerous.


Silchester Road

St Leonards