Points noted from last week’s news

SEVERAL points about what was a nicely newsworthy edition of January 6.

1. The closure of the Hastings-Ashford line for nine weeks. We accept that the work has to be done. But why on earth didn’t Network Rail (NR) seize the chance to electrify the line while they were about it?

This is something that is hugely overdue and NR probably won’t get another bite at this cherry for years. Is it too late for a rapid rethink?

2. I trust that Romanian truckie who got stuck under the town bridge will be prosecuted for (at the very least) driving without due care and attention?

3. A quick glance at the rotting exterior of Marine Court leads to the suspicion that five years is a thoroughly optimistic time-frame for its refurbishment. Lovely building - but those service charges must be getting to frightening levels.

4. Yes, the old bathing pool site at West St Leonards is crying out for redevelopment. But is this the right one?

It could be a jewel in the crown of the town but using recycled shipping containers gives me a sinking feeling. We need a well-thought-out scheme and a permanent one that would be an asset for many years. I’m far from sure this is that.

Would it not be possible to revive the notion for turning this site into a marina? Now that would regenerate West St Leonards. Look what has happened in Eastbourne.


Marina, Bexhill