Please, stick up for Hastings

I WONDER if anyone else in Hastings was annoyed at BBC South East’s coverage of the report on beach cleanliness.

The clip started with the announcement that all beaches in the south east had ‘passed’ the cleanliness test – Great! But a small number, they went on to say, were not as good, just above passing level was implied.

Well, that was the last we heard of the ‘small number’. The rest of the clip was spent on Hastings beach talking about the high standard needed to pass next year, an interview with a councillor saying how much tourism meant to Hastings in terms of jobs and income – True!

We were shown the outlet that was the culprit in times past, no mention of any cure.

Unaccountably, we were treated to an appearance of Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Any tourist who missed the first reference to other towns was left with the clear impression that Hastings was the only town with a problem. In fact, we have a clean beach which passed the test, let’s be proud of it.

In the past, the BBC has been less than objective about our town. Years ago there was the piece about London landlords bringing people on benefits down to the seaside towns; Brighton, Eastbourne and Worthing were mentioned, but only Hastings was filmed.

The most run-down houses were shown to the exclusion of perfectly decorated houses on either side. The piece was prejudiced against people on benefits as well as against Hastings.

Crimes committed in St Leonards and even Bexhill have been reported as happening in Hastings, the BBC reporters had only to look at the post codes. What has the BBC got against Hastings?

My family and I have lived in many different towns and cities in this country and abroad, we are happy to live in a town with so many friendly people and the politest young people we’ve ever met. We have heard nothing but praise from visitors to the town for the manyinteresting and fun places to visit as well as the welcoming attitude of the people.

So please, people of Hastings, stick up for yourselves, whether it’s the BBC or anyone else who is being unfair to your town.


Stanley Road