Please keep everywhere clean and safe

I WAS so pleased to hear that Ingle – Reverend Helen Patten’s guide dog survived her ordeal.

I am partially sighted, so can just sense what her owner must have felt.

Seeing Ingle in the Observer made me really wish I had a guide dog myself, to love, help me, guide me in my life.

It is quite true what I read that Helen added: “We are a very dirty nation and wherever you go in Britain there is rubbish dumped everywhere. It’s a hazard for wildlife as well as our pets. One thoughtless action.” nearly cost her dog her life.

For many years, months, and days that go by I have noticed more rubbish many times. Walking with my seat walker, holding me up also, I am prevented from tripping up over obstructions discarded on pavements and so on instead of being placed in a bin.

You have only to follow Tony May’s, the volunteer clean-up man of Hollington, videos on the internet to realise the impact. He also writes for the Hastings Town monthly magazine.

Although I must agree that Hastings Borough Council does its best to keep Hastings and St Leonards as clean as it can.

But let’s be honest, it’s only since we all do our best now to help recycle, to help the green world, that it has become this way.

Please I say to all who read this – or get it passed on – think as this article states – your rubbish could mean life or death to humans or animals.

I do see and hear about the news of discarded needles, even the dangerous kind that could course fear or even a fatality.

Please keep everywhere clean and safe.


Stonehouse Drive

St Leonards