Please justify these moves

FURTHER to my recent letter regarding the expensive debacle of combining the Tourist Information Centre with benefits services backed up by several letters in last week’s Observer I fear the same expensive situation is going to arise with the move of the Registration Office to the library.

I understand that Horntye suggested building a registration office adjacent to its sports complex as it is in the same vicinity as the existing office.

There is ample parking and it already holds wedding receptions there. This surely must be less expensive than buying and converting the property next to the library where parking is extremely restricted in the surrounding area.

What was the cost to the council taxpayers of the cafe next to the library? Also what happens to this entire scheme should planning permission for the conversion of the listed library building not be granted as the for sale boards are already up at the registration offices?

Could this money have been better spent on preventing the imminent closure of local care homes. I agree with Marion Purdey, ‘come on dear councillors, work it out’.


Ashford Road