Please include areas in scheme

WE are glad to hear that, at long last, the council will be collecting glass bottles and jars, but disappointed that some parts of Hastings and St Leonards will be excluded from the scheme.

We are told that those living in such areas can make use of ‘the many bottle banks situated around the borough’. But in reality there are so few such banks that some of us will still have to hump heavy basketloads of bottles and jars for half a mile or so across town.

Or, if people can’t be bothered to do this, they will continue to put glass in black sacks or bins to be carted away for landfill.

One solution to the dire shortage of bottle banks in St Leonards would be to remove the No Glass notices from the handsome recycling banks recently installed in Silchester Road and Kenilworth Road.

It is short-sighted of the council to restrict these banks to the deposit of paper, plastic and other waste that is already being collected.

We hope that one day Hastings may come into line with more enlightened local authorities that not only collect glass from every household but also separate the green and brown from the colourless. It could then be recycled into new bottles and jars - and not used merely (as the council’s leaflet states) for building materials or for ‘bunkers on golf courses’.


West Hill Road

St Leonards