Please help my husband

My husband Terry has been in a wheelchair for four and a half years following a severe Stroke and is unable to stand unaided.

Whenever he had hospital appointments we would weigh him for our records using one of the clinic chair scales.

He is doing well now and does not attend any clinics at the Conquest Hospital at the moment and this is actually proving a problem.

Does anyone know of somewhere local where people in Terry’s position can go to be weighed occasionally?

I’m not asking for much, or didn’t think I was, but so far the only place I am aware that I can take him is ESDA (East Sussex Disability Association) in Eastbourne.

We even tried to go into an Out Patients clinic to ask to use the scales, to be told that the only way we could get Terry weighed would be to go back to our GP and ask to be referred back to the Conquest again.

I am watching his weight to try and keep him a healthy weight to prevent him being ill again.

All I want is somewhere where Terry can use a chair scale, and with obesity levels rising I can’t imagine he would be the only person to find it useful.

Why is it proving so difficult?

If anyone has any suggestions please e-mail me at please

Tilebarn Road

St Leonards