Please clean up after your pets

WALKING along from shopping on Wednesday down Chatham road to Strood Road, within a distance of 50 yards, there were 10 piles of dog poo, some walked in, others just a big heap. lying there, waiting for the next child, to step into it.

The dog poo can carry toxocariasis, which causes blindness in 100 children every year, as well as tapeworm and hook worm.

Tt appears there are eight million dogs in this country now, producing a thousand tons of muck.

It’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the dog’s owner, who may love it to bits, but fails to protect other people’s children, from awful disease.

Often in the supermarket I see children standing on the counter where we put food when bagging, these kids leaping about the

pavements before and their shoes carrying, goodness knows what bugs when on the counter, or in the shopping trolley.

All I can say, is dog owners, do try and protect the environment and the children, who deserve better.



St Leonards