Plea for my missing scarf

I AM a loyal reader of your newspaper as it cheers me up every Friday, regardless of the fact I now have to kayak to the newsagents due to the crazy weather we’ve been having.

I am writing, however, to ask your readers if they may be able to help after hearing my small but heartfelt plea.

On New Year’s Eve I spent a wonderful evening at the White Rock Hotel where, at the stroke of midnight, the proprietor brought round a glass of champagne for the few of us gathered there to celebrate the arrival of 2014.

However, put it down to my, erm, refreshed state, somewhere between there and my home on the West Hill I managed to lose my scarf (a thick black college scarf with two thin stripes - one pale blue, one white).

It has no real monetary worth, but is of much sentimental value to me.

It could of course, be halfway across the Channel by now, but if anyone did find it, I would be very grateful if they could contact me by email at

Thanks for your help and best wishes for 2014 to all your staff and everyone who has read my ramblings thus far.


Whitefriars Road