Plans to build on green space are shocking

AS the grandparent of two little girls who live in Catsfield Close, St Leonards, I feel I must write after reading with disbelief the Observer article about planning permission being granted to build 10 new homes on land at the end of the close.

This is an open green area where children love to play.

I totally agree with Steve Bowles that the next open space is across Queensway. If a pedestrian crossing is put on this road, I can only hope it is one with traffic lights, and that AmicusHorizon is also required to put up a fence around the reservoir and then pay for a warden to let fishermen in there day and night.

There is also the problem with parking in the roads near the site and building these new homes will only make it worse.

The other issue is the noise. This work will not only impact on people who live in the area but all the children who attend Robsack School, which backs on to the site.

Why does AmicusHorizon want to build there when there are other site in town? Two derelict sites on The Ridge come to mind.


Starwell Close