Plans for Archery Ground off-target

IT beggars belief that a council with the wit to employ such excellent architects as John Thompson Partners and people-centred developers such as Bob Young, of Local Space, for the regeneration of St Leonards should even consider allowing the current Gladedale proposals for the Archery Ground seriously to be considered.

Careful study of the latest proposals put forward by the developers reveals them to be a rehash of previous submissions of their ‘radically inappropriate’ development, flouting the romantic spirit of the place with suburbanizing neatness and crowded, ill-lit blocks.

To appreciate the almost forensic investigation into these planning crimes I can do no better than direct readers in particular to the excellent letter written, among others, by Jeanette Gallini, published on the planning website under HS/FA/09/08482/COMMENTS2 dated March 13.


Upper Maze Hill

St Leonards