Plans are inappropriate

The plans drawn up by AmicusHorizon for the South Saxons Wetlands site are so glaringly inappropriate, for all the reasons set out in La Verne Preston’s letter to the Observer last week, that it’s a wonder the company has had the audacity to submit them.

The stated mission of AmicusHorizon is to be the number one large landlord in the UK and it has the resources to match its ambition. It says it is committed to increasing its portfolio of good quality affordable housing, but while there is a pressing need for more new houses the expansion of its housing stock should not be at the expense of our local amenities.

We must protect and preserve what we have left of our green spaces, they become ever more precious as the pressure for development increases.

More houses, more investment, but not at any price. We must get the balance right. The wetlands should be left untouched for us and future generations to enjoy. There are other sites for Amicus and other house builders waiting to be developed. Let them go there.

Robert Sorrenti

St Vincents Road

St Leonards