Planning notices are too small

THE site of ‘The Cloud’, the landmark multi-storey block under construction opposite Hastings Station, now has an architect’s picture attached to the site that gives an impression of what the development will look like.

What a pity it wasn’t put there prior to any planning permission being granted so that more people would have known about it and had a chance to comment on it during the consultation period.

Had this practice been adhered to in the past, perhaps many fine buildings and views would still be ours.

For example if a clear picture of the ‘The Shed’ had been displayed where it now stands, the many who are appalled by its manifestation would have had more of an opportunity to have their say before it was too late. Planning notices are almost unnoticeable and are often assumed to relate to parking as these notices are also white.

Please can we have a big picture at proposed development sites when applications are submitted, then more people will have a chance to have their say before planning applications are decided.


Magdalen Road

St Leonards